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China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the future of development in the Caribbean

Ruben Gonzalez Vicente, Universiteit Leiden

This presentation explores the developmental footprint of China’s Belt and Road Initiative through a theoretical lens inspired by critical Caribbean thought. Ruben Gonzalez-Vicente will discuss how Sino-Caribbean relations remain shaped by epistemic dependency, structural imbalances, and a number of unresolved social issues relating to the postcolonial condition in former plantation societies. He argues that expectations deposited in the emerging ‘South-South’ link with China in Latin America and the Caribbean are easily overstated. Instead, the relation is characterized by China’s elitist business-centric approach to development, the eschewing of participatory approaches in Sino-Caribbean ventures, and the passive incorporation of the Caribbean into China’s global vision. The presentation is based on his work with Annita Montoute (University of the West Indies).

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CEDLA Lecture 19 Nov. 2021, 15:30-17:00 CET onsite

Power, imprisonment and the force of law in Nicaragua

Julienne Weegels
CEDLA & ARTES, Universiteit van Amsterdam


CEDLA Lecture 3 Dec. 2021, 15:30-17:00 online

The Colombian Peace Process at a Crossroads: Challenges and Perspectives

Stefan Peters
Instituto CAPAZ (Bogotá) & University of Giessen