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Apply for a research grant to carry out your research in Brazil
Master Latin American Studies Programme (MLAS)

Interested in doing research on Latin American societies in an affordable way? Come to CEDLA - the little Latin America in Amsterdam - to develop your own project! 


The advanced Master's programme in Latin American Studies (MLAS) of CEDLA - University of Amsterdam will prepare you to become a critical researcher, to elaborate socially and academically relevant research plans, and to conduct field research in Latin America!  Through an interdisciplinary lens, you will learn about social transformations, design your own project, and carry out a short research project in this socially dynamic region. All students of the Master’s programme will be eligible for a research grant (1000 euros) to cover part of their fieldwork costs, but an additional scholarship may be available for those interested in joining one of the MLAS-affiliated research projects. With a small tuition fee of 3000 euros per year the Master’s programme provides a unique opportunity to have a Global North-South experience at a cost-effective way by training your academic skills in Amsterdam and applying them in Latin America!      


Students of the Master’s programme can participate in the LINKAGES project coordinated by dr. Fabio de Castro, and apply for a research grant to carry out your research in Brazil. LINKAGES is an international research programme on value-chains of forest products grounded in local knowledge which can support sustainable, inclusive, and fair economies in the Brazilian Amazon. Your master thesis will include interaction with local communities, NGOs, and local business on sociobiodiversity products. 


Don't miss this unique opportunity! Apply and become a Latin America expert in just one year! The deadline for application for non-EU students is 1 May, EU students can apply until 1 July.

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