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Can social policy manipulation be avoided? Combating clientelism through policy design in Mexico

11/03/22, 15:30h Venue: CEDLA, Roetersstraat 33 | 1018 WB Amsterdam - 2nd Floor Organiser: CEDLA Lecture Speaker: Saskia P. Ruth-Lovell, Radboud University Nijmegen

How does clientelism affect contemporary policymaking? To better understand and explain the relationship between clientelism and the quality of policy output in the case of Mexico, Saskia Ruth-Lovell analyses policy design and identifies ways to curb clientelism through the letter of the law. Building on insights from distributive politics and policy analysis, she discusses the results of elite interviews and qualitative content analysis of social policy legislation in Mexico from 1995-2018 . Based on research with Rodrigo Salazar Elena (FLACSO Mexico) and Louise Smink (Radboud University), she argues that policymakers and stakeholders need to formulate precise policy objectives, delimitate the scope and targets of a policy clearly, and establish independent implementation and monitoring mechanisms.

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