Prince Bernhard Scholarships 2020

Isabelle Mollinger receives PBS grant

Commoning in times COVID - A struggle for territory in the midst of a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated already existing injustices and inequalities among citizens in Latin America and also in Medellin, the pandemic has not paused the municipalities’ agenda for executing radical plans for urban renewal. Nonetheless, and Moravia’s inhabitants continue to resist. This study proposes to investigate how the virus has affected community resilience in
Moravia and if and how commoning in times of COVID still takes place.

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    Leave Fossil Fuels Underground

    This project analyses, develops and shares successful strategies and arguments on ‘Leaving Fossil Fuels Underground’ (LFFU) emerging from Africa and Latin America at multiple levels of governance. +INFO

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    European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies

    Contributions reflect substantial empirical research and/or are theoretically innovative with respect to major debates within social science research (including history and economics) on Latin America and the Caribbean. READ

  • CEDLA BACHELOR Course: Research in Latin America
    Research in Latin America

    The course can be seen as a preparation for their internship and/or research in Latin America. It will start with a theoretical introduction in the form of lectures based on knowledge-transfer and -building. REGISTER 

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  • Visual Culture in the Hispanic World.png
    Bachelor Course April 2021

    This course explores moving and non-moving images like fiction films, documentaries, television series, YouTube clips, paintings, statues, and street art, made in a Latin American country or Spain through the lenses of the Psychology of Art. REGISTER

  • Gender and Social Inequality in Latin Am
    Second Semester 2021

    Register for our BA courses on Gender and Social Inequality, Brazil and the Visual Culture in the Hispanic World.


  • Brazil_ Democracy, Citizenship and Cultu
    Democracy, Citizenship and Culture

    As one of the largest countries and economies in the world, Brazil plays a major role in economic and social processes in Latin America and is an increasingly prominent player in regional and global politics. REGISTER

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