CEDLA, Latin American Studies

Master’s in Latin American Studies

The programme provides a solid foundation for a career
in research or academia, with civil society agencies, governmental and non-governmental organisations, and
at research institutions both in the Netherlands and abroad.

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    The Sexual Question

    The creation of Lima's red light district in 1928 marked the culminating achievement of the promoters of regulation who sought to control
    the spread of venereal disease by medically policing female prostitutes.

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    Dialogues with Civil Society

    David Gómez and Fabiano Toni will discuss their work in the context of challenges to overcome the threats against academic freedom in the context of old and new authoritarian governments in Latin America. JOIN

  • BORIS G. Obelisco de Buenos Aires, Argen
    Global Cities in Latin America

    We will examine the metropolises of Latin America complementary and comparatively. By studying Lima, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Sao Paulo and many other cities. REGISTER

  • _UNICEF_ECU_2020_Diéguez_by UNICEF Ecuad
    Covid-19 in Latin America

    La crisis de COVID-19 llevará al Ecuador más cerca o más lejos del post-extractivismo? Por Carolina Valladares y Karolien van Teijlingen READ

  • Visual Culture in the Hispanic World.png
    Second Semester 1/12/2020

    Register for our BA courses on Gender and Social Inequality, Brazil and the Visual Culture in the Hispanic World.


  • Library
    It is possible to borrow books

    The CEDLA Library is currently closed for visitors, until further notice. However, it is possible to borrow books. You can request them through the UvA Catalogue and pick them up at several UvA libraries. You can contact us via email: library@cedla.nl


  • Rolled Magazines
    European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies

    Contributions reflect substantial empirical research and/or are theoretically innovative with respect to major debates within social science research (including history and economics) on Latin America and the Caribbean. READ

  • Hiking Boots
    Leave Fossil Fuels Underground

    This project analyses, develops and shares successful strategies and arguments on ‘Leaving Fossil Fuels Underground’ (LFFU) emerging from Africa and Latin America at multiple levels of governance. +INFO

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