Research Fellows

Prof Dr Jelke Boesten

Jelke Boesten is Professor of Gender and Development at King’s College London. She obtained her Phd from the UvA in 2004, supervised by Prof Frances Gouda and Prof Michiel Baud. She moved to the UK afterwards and held teaching positions at the University of Bradford and the University of Leeds, a Research Fellowship at the US Institute of Peace in Washington and at the University of London and was offered the Alberto Flores Galindo Visiting Professorship at the Catholic University of Peru. She has written extensively on sexual violence in war and in peace, social policy and politics, and gender-based violence in Latin America. Her latest book (eds. with Helen Scanlon) is Gender and Memorial Arts: from Symbolic Reparations to Protest Movement (2021). She is the founder and convenor of the Gender Studies Network at King’s, and co-lead on the Visual and Embodied Methodologies Network.

She also hosts

While at CEDLA, Jelke will work on her project ‘Intimacies of Violence. Veterans’ accounts of gender and warfare and its aftermath in Peru.

Annelou Ypeij is a feminist anthropologist and Peru is her regional expertise. She has an extensive fieldwork experience, both in Peru and the Netherlands where she worked earlier in her career. Her research themes are social inequalities at the crossroads of gender, poverty/social mobility and ethnicity. She currently works on constructions of motherhood in the context of the Peruvian family planning program (1996-2000) and the forced sterilizations that were the result of it. Also, she studies tourism development in the Cusco-Machu Picchu region known as the Sacred Valley, for which she studies local initiatives and communities. When the pandemic permits it, she intends to travel to Pisac to continue with her fieldwork on the rise of spiritual tourism.

She was a CEDLA staff member between 2003-2020. Since her retirement of August 1, 2020, she is a CEDLA fellow. She is an active member of the AAA (American Anthropological Association) and a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology.