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MLAS Final Theses
Master's in Latin American Studies

Here you can find examples of MLAS final theses. These theses represent many topics and different realities in Latin America. The programme provides you with critical knowledge, academic skills and an in-depth understanding of the academic literature. You are trained to become a social science researcher who is able to conduct research out in the field, in Latin America, and whose research will contribute to our knowledge of currents trends in that area.

Karina Cárdenas Moraga
Nosotras: memorias y experiencias colectivas de mujeres rurales por los derechos de la mujer y en defensa de la naturaleza El caso de la Asociación Nacional de Mujeres Rurales e Indígenas, ANAMURI, Chile. THESIS


Reid Douglas
Sexual Diversity and Public Internet in Cuba: THESIS


Elise Fellinger
Por Isso Eu Canto. Experiences of anti-Black state violence through music and poetry in urban Brazil. THESIS


Eline Hietbrink
"We are Fighters, Revolutionaries, Political Subjects": A Study on Gender and DDR, based on the Experiences and Perspectives of Female Ex-Combatants of the FARC-EP



Isabelle Mollinger
Living the Medellin Miracle - Navigating contemporary globalization, gentrification and processes of urban renewal in Moravia, a self-built neighborhood in the center of Medellin. THESIS


Luis Reyes Escate
Is there any water to come? An ethnographic theorization on Subtanjalla's smallholders political ecology of water scarcity, Ica-Peru. THESIS

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