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OLA: PhDs Network 

OLA is a network of PhDs researching Latin America and the Caribbean in Dutch universities. Together they create a series of academic activities, such as a monthly feedback session and annual seminars or forums. OLA provides peer-to-peer support for researchers, while also looking for building community among young scholars. 


OLA's monthly feedback sessions: are informal meetings meant to discuss the members’ work-in-progress dissertation chapters, article drafts, conference papers, research proposals, or other academic texts. We strive to create a productive and positive feedback environment among peers. Due to the interdisciplinary character of the group, there is ample space to exchange different theoretical and methodological vantage points. The meetings usually take place at CEDLA in the University of Amsterdam, but can happen in other cities and universities, according to the members’ needs and input. 


OLA's seminars and forums: every year or two OLA has one academic seminar or forum. Seminars are events where the network's members present their research findings to the broad academic community. While the forums are encounters where members internally share about methods and challenges, with the intention of finding common tools in the research about Latin America and the Caribbean.  


OLA'S other activities: besides academic activities, OLA's members get together for cultural and social gatherings. These are meant to create a bond among members while also relating their academic knowledge with the local cultures and cultural spaces. Examples of these are attending film screenings, and outings to visit other cities and universities. 


Contact: Currently OLA is chaired by Laura Ximena Triana and Luisa González. Please send them an email to contact the network or to join it. OLA does not have a membership fee.  

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