Master Latin American Studies Programme (MLAS)

In the advanced Master's in Latin American Studies you will study social transformations through a multi-disciplinary lens, including a broad range of social science disciplines. You will design your own research plan, do field research in this exciting region and become a critical academic. The Master's in Latin American Studies is research-driven, small-scale and internationally oriented. You will delve into the most recent developments in the region and learn about topics like the new wave of economic, social and political crises that deepen inequality, insecurity and unsustainability. On the other hand you will also discuss innovative practices by indigenous and other social movements in rural and urban spaces that offer new hopes for social transformations in Latin America. The Master's in Latin American Studies provides a solid foundation for a career in research or academia, with civil society agencies, governmental and non-governmental organisations, and at research institutions both in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, the Master's in Latin American Studies degree has proven to serve as a good starting point for pursuing a PhD. +INFO

Following the guidelines of the Dutch government, the tuition fee & the CEDLA fieldwork grant for the Advanced Master’s in Latin American Studies will be reduced by 50% for all students. The tuition fee for 2021-2022 will be 1500 euros and all students will be eligible for a 500 euro grant during the programme. The deadline for application for non-EU students is 1 May, EU students can apply until 1 July.


The Master's in Latin American Studies remains scheduled to start in September 2022. In case of a continued outbreak of the Coronavirus, we will take the necessary steps to ensure the continuance of the programme for all enrolled students.

Studying at CEDLA

CEDLA is considered to be one of Europe’s leading Latin American Studies institutes. Its staff members are experienced researchers and qualified teachers. CEDLA has a large library with a unique collection. Facilities such as student work stations, internet and computer access, and lecture rooms are excellent. CEDLA is pivotal to the Latin American Studies community in the Netherlands. It publishes an academic journal (ERLACS), organises monthly lectures, dialogues, and many other events. It also houses the Netherlands Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (NALACS) and the Latin American Studies Programme (LASP).


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Teachers and students of the Master’s LatinAmerican Studies will share their experiences with the study programme at the University of Amsterdam. On Thurday 10 Nov from 6 to 7 pm. Register now! 


In this video, teachers and students of the Master’s Latin American Studies share their experiences with the study programme at the University of Amsterdam.



In this video Riya will tell you more about the Master's Latin American Studies and why she chose this Master.


All students of the Master’s programme will be eligible for a research grant (1000 euros) to cover part of their fieldwork costs, but an additional scholarship may be available for those interested in joining one of the MLAS-affiliated research projects. With a small tuition fee of 3000 euros per year the Master’s programme provides a unique opportunity to have a Global North-South experience at a cost-effective way by training your academic skills in Amsterdam and applying them in Latin America!