Current PhD Candidates

Irene Arends

Youth Practices and Social Media in Chile:

An Ethnography of Young People`s Gender Negotiations in Everyday Digital (Sexual)

Peer Cultures

 Irene Arends PhD CEDLA
Cristina Bastidas Redin PhD CEDLA

Cristina Bastidas Redin

Bolivia and Ecuador: A Comparison

of Ten Years of Democratic Revolution


Irene van den Bogaardt PhD CEDLA

Irene van den Bogaardt 

Youth appropriation of Latin American urban public spaces through a commoning lens

Mirtha Lorena del Castillo PhD CEDLA

Mirtha Lorena del Castillo

Human geography and urban studies

Barbara Haenen PhD CEDLA

Barbara Haenen

Nation-building on the periphery: state and church in the Colombian and Peruvian Amazon

Luisa Gonzalez Valencia PhD CEDLA

Luisa González Valencia

Colombian Popular Cinemas

Geraldine Lamadrid Guerrero PhD CEDLA

Geraldine Lamadrid Guerrero

The Relief Zone: Theatre Based Research in the Political Violence Context of Veracruz 


Raquel Salinas Peixoto 

Navigating the legal and imagined spaces
that contour the care of unaccompanied
child migrants in Central America and
the Mediterranean 

Hannah Porada PhD CEDLA

Hannah Porada

Water/mining paradigms and the politics of naturalizing water overabundance: a comparative study of extractive industries’ political-material construction of flooding and drainage problems in Guatemala and the Netherlands


Lieke Prins

Creative Hangouts in Urban Spaces:
Unravelling and creating socially and
politically driven street art in Colombia

Esteban Christian Ramirez Hincapie PhD CEDLA

Esteban Christian Ramirez Hincapie

No story, no camera

Confianza and citizen communication in the Colombian Amazonian foothills

Tatiana Roa Avendaño PhD CEDLA

Tatiana Roa Avendaño

The path from resistance towards alternatives to development. Three Colombian experiences

Gabriela Russo Lopes PhD CEDLA

Gabriela Russo Lopes


Agency in the Amazonian Forest Governance 

Laura Ximena Triana Gallego PhD CEDLA

Laura Ximena Triana Gallego

From Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to Bogotá: Cultural agency and political achievements from indigenous communities in visual narratives

Carolina Valladares Pasquel PhD CEDLA

Carolina Valladares Pasquel

The politics of ideas for leaving fossil

fuels underground. The cases of
Ecuador and The Netherlands