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Planetary Justice and Indigenous Ways of Knowing in the Brazilian Amazon

SPEAKER: Cristina Aoki Inoue, Radboud University

DATE: 23 February 2024


The triple planetary crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution combined with global hunger and social inequality urge us to rethink justice. In this lecture, Cristina Aoki Inoue will discuss the concept of planetary justice in light of indigenous ways of knowing and being in the Amazon. She argues that listening to voices from many worlds could be one of the pathways to a safe and just planet for humans and the more than humans. The talk zooms in at the case of a company that wants to build the largest open-pit gold mine in the state of Pará (Belo Sun in Volta Grande do Xingu). In her qualitative analysis, Dr. Aoki Inoue includes a review of indigenous peoples´ consultation protocols and legal documents.


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