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Sovereignty in the Anthropocene: In a world where ecological issues transcend borders

It's time to rethink our governance and decision-making processes

Harvard Professor Diane E. Davis DATE: 19 October 2023 Activity: AISSR Lecture organized in cooperation with CEDLA

Join us for our second and upcoming AISSR Lecture, featuring Diane E. Davis - Professor of Urban Planning at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design - as she delves into the vital link between natural systems and urban management.

Breaking free from outdated notions of sovereignty, Prof. Davis challenges the status quo, paving the way for effective 21st-century responses to ecological challenges. We're in the Anthropocene, where human influence on the planet is undeniable. It's time to adapt our governance.

✴ How do we navigate urban complexities in a borderless ecological context?

✴ How can we prioritize ecological well-being alongside human needs?

The lecture will be followed by a conversation between Diane E. Davis and John Grin, Professor of public policy and governance at the AISSR.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore the future of governance in an ever-changing world.


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